How to take sound out of video and work with it

So, for my video project, I used solely audio captured from video that I then manipulated in soundbooth. I got some really interesting sounds, and Soundbooth can make them even better to incorporate in your video.

First, you right click on the clip of sound you want to use in the Audio track underneath the video bar. Select “Edit in Adobe Soundbooth” and then “Render and Replace” This will open a new Adobe SoundBooth file with the rendered audio track. You can edit it anyway you like, but I would recommend first saving the raw sound, and then saving the manipulated audio as a different file in case you make a mistake. Also this way you will not alter the original audio in the Premiere. Your original audio will be saved as extracted .wav files, while you should save your manipulations as separate differently named files.

To use the manipulated audio in your video, just drag it (the file saved as a workable audio file, such as .MP3) down the the Audio 2 track or any other audio track where you want it to play in the video. You can mute the original audio channel that accompanies the files  and move unedited clips to different audio and video tracks if you want to use original sound.

Hope this helps!


~ by fingoscrip on October 31, 2010.

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