The Brady Bunch Effect









This is a pretty cool effect that shows multiple people interacting on different screens all together. Dave and I are using this idea for our final project.

The first thing you should do is add tracks, since you will need more than three videos at once to make this effect work. If you don’t know, you can do this by selecting “add tracks” from the sequence menu in the toolbar.








After that, add your videos. The trickiest part about this is finding the scale that you want to use for all of your videos. It depends on what kind of set-up you have for your sequence, amongst other things, but the beauty of premiere is you can play with it as a kind of trial and error thing. Figure out a way to make them all uniform (probably between 25-35%, assuming you’re doing three rows and columns as seen in the Brady Bunch).

Also depending on your video format, you may need to adjust the width manually, instead of allowing premiere to scale it for you. To do this, uncheck the “uniform scale” button.








After scaling your videos comes position. You want to leave the same amount of space on the top, bottom, and in between all of your videos – so it looks well done. This depends on how many videos you want to put onto the screen. To postion the videos, change the numbers found in the “position” row found in the motion section of the effects tab.








Once you get all of the videos into place, make sure they are the same length (timewise). Enjoy


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