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I don’t know why I keep using this problem when I’m constantly running into problems. Clearly its all for the sake of KNOWLEDGE. And dominating this blog with posts about a program only I use. I’m so helpful!

Ran into an irritating little tick of a problem when trying to do transitions. Might as well go over how to make transitions so you can see my difficulty.

Here’s the deal: A bunch of pictures that need to be faded together in time with the music in the background. Here’s what it all looks like on the timeline before being messed with.


(The clip size is actually pretty small, so I had to zoom in with the magnifying glass tool above the timeline. All you have to do is click it enough times until you have enough space to work with)

Note that the pics are taking up waaaay too much space on their own, so you can shorten the in a similar way to how you shorten sound files in soundbooth. Grab the end and drag it inward until you have the length you need.

Now it’s time for that transition. It’s in the same submenu (Edit) as zoom ‘n pan (which, by the way, will only work with .camrec files which is unfortunate). You’ll get a menu like this:


It’s set up very closely to the zoom ‘n pan menu as well. Choose what transition you want (in this case, fade) and drag it into the space between the two pictures (indicated by an arrow). Then click finished.


Aaaugh, too much fade! Right click on the transition space and click on transition duration in the following drop-down menu. The duration is automatically set at 3 seconds, so we need to move it down to about 0.5.

Phew. But… grk!


The music gets split, too. Actually, it literally split the same track into two different versions. Right click the track on the left and select Remove from Timeline to do exactly that. Then drag the left-most boundaries of the right track to the left. Confused yet?


Now you’ve got your music all in one piece, so just drag it all to the left. You’ll need to do this every time you make a transition, so make sure you re-position the track and make sure its where you want it to be.

The only really difficult part now is timing the fades to go along with the music, but that’s mostly just playing around and trial and error.

Just for “fun” here’s a pic of my finished timeline.



~ by myinsects on November 2, 2010.

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