Vignettes in Premiere/Final Cut

Unfortunately, most message boards online recommend that you download extra applications for Final Cut or Premiere in order to get your video to have a vignette effect on it. You don’t need to do this though, if you’ve got Photoshop or a garbage matte (available in Premiere).

First, to learn how to create a vignette in Premiere only, watch this video about garbage mattes. Honestly, the vid is extremely helpful, even if you’re not going to make something as gross looking as what this guy does. Watch it here.

The second way, and the method that I’ve been experimenting with, is to open Photoshop. Create a new window that has the dimensions of your video footage. Select a brush tool (the style of which you can easily change with a right-click)–I used something with feathered edges so that the vignette was a little sketchy looking–and make your paint black.

Draw whatever shaped vignette you want. Swirl it around, make multiple vignettes in the same image if you want. Whatever is white will be “clear” when you drag it into Premiere. Save your file as a tga file, then import it into Premiere and drag it over your footage.
It’s going to look weird until you tell Premiere or Final Cut to blend the image in. (Right Click, image options, blend)
That should work. If not, mess with the opacity of your vignette object, or go back into Photoshop and make sure you don’t have a background color automatically selected for the file.

–Josh Barnes


~ by hobodreams on November 2, 2010.

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