How to put two images together and position links (2 part post):

If you’ve seen my website, you’ve seen the whole dreamy cloud concept I’ve got going on. Well, it took a lot to get that in place and I’m still working on it, but this is how I got the cloud to appear with all of my links inside of it:

First of all, the cloud was not an original part of the paper drawing of myself. That was a simple fix. I went to Microsoft word, I selected “Insert,” in the menu bar up top. From there I selected “Picture” and from “Picture” comes an arrow that leads you to various options. I chose “Autoshapes,” which leads you to a menu of a variety of shapes.

Once I chose the Autoshape I wanted (the cloud), it was easy to adjust the cloud to any size I wanted. I then right clicked on the cloud and saved it as “cloud.jpeg.”

I brought the cloud into photoshop where I already had the drawing of myself open. I opened “cloud.jpeg” and I was faced with the two images in browsers side by side. I then dragged the cloud into the image of the cartoon drawing of myself and positioned it over my head.



~ by weenta on November 7, 2010.

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