Mission Improbable

This will be a to-be-continued series of blog posts for great justice as I attempt to figure out a way to get a working version of premiere on my laptop. I know a bunch of people have been having problems, but there has to be some way to get this to work… somehow.

I actually was able to get something to work called Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Just search for it in google, if you want.


This is what it looks like. Kinda similar. Notice how you can videos directly from a camera/video camera, which is pretty nifty. If you could also do that in the other premiere, then my bad.

The layout actually seems a bit less cluttered than the other Premiere I worked with briefly at the labs, but it has plenty of edit features. You can edit the image itself as well as add video transitions, Generally, this version seems more user friendly. I would see if it was compatible with the other premiere, but my disc drive is dead. I’ve literally tried using it on at least five different computers and could only get it to work on one, which I can’t get to most of the time.

Later today I’m going to try it (again) in a lab computer and see if I can extract it and send it back here. If I get that to work, and if it opens in this version of Premiere, I’ll be sure to add another post about it.


~ by myinsects on November 7, 2010.

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