Problems rendering: expanding the work area

Recently I had a problem with rendering my videos on my timeline in Adobe Premiere. Some videos would render, while others later in the sequence would not. I realized that the problem was not my trial version of Premiere but that only part of my timeline was selected in my work area.

I assumed that everything in the timeline was also in the “work area,” but that’s not the case. Whenever you go to the “Sequence” bar in the menu and it says “render effects in work area” this is a hint that there’s a distinct difference between what is in your timeline and what is considered you work area.

To see the difference, look at your timeline at the small white markers that delineate the milliseconds, seconds, minutes, etc. Above you will see a semi transparent bar that should extend across all the videos in your timeline. The bar has two upside down L shaped carats that should be at the front of your timeline and at the very end of your timeline. This is your work area. I must have let my mouse slip a couple of times and didn’t notice that the end carat did not extend all the way to the end of my video clips, but stopped midway into my clips. This meant that every time I selected “render effects in work area” it would only render till that midway point. So watch out for where those carats begin and end!


~ by weenta on November 7, 2010.

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