Marquee Tag in HTML

The “Marquee” tag in Html is a tag that allows you to post moving text on the screen.  It’s simple tag, but you can do a couple of different things with it.  First, the basic tag is…<marquee> </marquee>.   For example <marquee> Dave Lorenzo is the man </marquee> will show “Dave Lorenzo is the man” scrolling across the screen right to left in a horizontally straight line.  This is the basic setup, now for some add ons.

<marquee bgcolor=orange>Dave Lorenzo is the man</marquee>….= background color of the line across which the text is scrolling

<marquee bgcolor=orange width=100 height=20> Dave Lorenzo is the man</marquee>..background color with a designated height and width ogf the marquee area

<marquee bgcolor=orange width=100 height=20 direction=right> Dave Lorenzo is the man</marquee>…background color with designated direction for text to travel acrosst the screen…(this can be left, right, up, or down)

Play with it and make it sweet.


~ by dlore3636 on November 8, 2010.

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