trim and canvas size on photoshop

Recently I learned how to “trim” an image to get rid of excess space on a photo. Since this is an automatic feature, I also explored another way to get rid  of space using the “canvas style” display.


Set image to the center of the canvas with equal free space on all sides.
Go to Image > Trim…
If you select all the options (trim away:top, bottom, left, right), Photoshop will automatically trim away all the surrounding area in the canvas so only the tightest canvas size remains.

Since Trim is an automatic smart option to get rid of excess canvas, it may make some mistakes and may need more precise cutting away.

This is when you use Canvas Size:

Set image to center of canvas.
Go to Image > Canvas Size…
There is a grid with 9 boxes, the default may be set to the center box white and the surrounding boxes pointing to it. If this is the case, leave it be. If not, select the center box (like the number 6 on a keypad). This will allow you to trim away the excess canvas with a starting point that you dictate.
Above this is where you can set the actual width/height in pixels, inches, etc.


~ by gonetolunch on November 11, 2010.

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