What to do if your footage doesn’t appear on Premiere

I’ve been without my usual laptop for a few weeks now and today when I went to plug in my usb drive and pull up my video I got this frightening red message.

Yikes! What did this mean? For some reason my files were seen as “offline” and I had a lot of video files. Well, I didn’t fret.

You can either right click on the missing video or audio in the time line or in your bins, and choose “Replace with Clip.” This will pull up your file browser and you can pull up where the video can be found in its original form. I’m not sure why my project file did this, but it’s a easy fix just takes some time to select and find all of the files.



~ by mlw53 on November 14, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like there was some sort of file directory change going on there when you switched computers.

    Frightening though. I would be freaking for a minute.

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