Fading Pictures Together in Photoshop

This is a cool idea that you can use to fade two pictures easily together.  Almost, like video in Premiere, where one fades into another, except here, both pictures are visible at the same time.  First thing to do is open up a new Photoshop work area.  Get your two pictures set up with next to each other, in the direction you want them to fade into each other. Find the layer of the first picture, and click on the “mask” icon (make sure both pictures are on different layers).   The mask icon is the third one from the left in this picture.






Then go to the gradient tool.  Click and choose the colors you want for your gradient (white probably works best, on plain background).  Then go to your first picture, click on the end of the picture where you want to the fade to END.  Then click again more towards the middle of the picture.  This will create a gradient that makes a fade effect.  Be careful which way you click on them, the angle at which you click determines the angle the fade is.  Do the same for the other pictures and bring close together. Example below, note these pictures probably aren’t good examples to fade together but it’s just an example.



~ by dlore3636 on November 15, 2010.

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