Zooming in on video in Premiere

I needed to use this feature in my place video. It allows you to zoom in on a video clip in your sequence. This helped me out a lot because in a couple of my clips you could see a little blur of my thumb in the top right corner. To zoom in, you have to go to the video effects. To do this, click on a clip in your sequence. Then, click the Effect Controls tab (for me, in the default layout, this is in the top center box in the workspace). Next you want to focus on the motion tab. Click the arrow to the left of Motion and this will expand the Motion menu. Once it is expanded, you need to add keyframes by pressing the diamond button to the right in between the left and right arrows. Once you add a keyframe, you can adjust the zoom by clicking the number next to scale and changing it. For example, changing it to 200 will zoom in twice the original size at the point of the keyframe.



~ by mdeang2 on November 20, 2010.

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