Correcting Color in Premiere

In this tutorial I will describe how to color correct clips of video in Premiere. For my video I wanted the lighting to be right around dusk. Unfortunately dusk is very short and some clips of my video were darker than others. Thankfully, there’s a way in Premiere to correct this problem.

First, open up a project and select a clip that needs to be color corrected. Then choose, Window > Workspace > Color Correction. This command docks the Effects and Effect Controls windows in the Project window and opens a Reference Monitor window next to the Program view.

Then in the Reference Monitor choose Gang to Program Monitor because this allows you to view the waveform monitor and clip simultaneously. Then, choose Waveform from the same menu.

Next, in the Effects tab in the Project window, type color corrector in the search box. When the Color Corrector effect appears, drag the effect icon to the clip in the Timeline window. Your video color has now been corrected!


~ by bighouse113 on November 23, 2010.

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