No More Funtimes with Premiere Elements 9

I was going to talk a lot about using Premiere Elements, how useful it is, and compare it to that *other* Premiere. Up until a few hours ago, I would have recommended everybody who’s been having trouble with video to it.

Welllll… there are some issues with that.

This program was my savior after decades (read: weeks) of battling with the evil of the Premiere on the school’s computers. Not laggy! The ability to actually watch your videos and make precise cuts! It was a dream come true. Until I tried uploading my video to my website tonight and realized that the big ugly watermark did not go away after production.

Oh dear.

Not so bad for my place video, as I have all the necessary things and can make just remake it in Camtasia, but a pain nonetheless, since there was no other way to make a halfway decent DIY video without. C’est la vie, I suppose.

SO, while this program is SO much easier to use than anything else I’ve dealt with so far, and I would love to recommend it, unless you’re okay with forking over an extra $100 or deal with an irritating watermark (seriously, it’s placed as inconveniently as possible. Adobe is staffed by the most evil of evilers)

But I haven’t given up. I’ve been looking for a way around the watermark… if I find anything worthwhile, I will share. And if I DO then expect a more detailed post.


~ by myinsects on November 23, 2010.

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  1. Bummer dude.
    Time to listen to heavy metal and draw pictures of you throwing your computer out the window.

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