Random Links

The internet is like a maze. Wikipedia holds the minotaur somewhere. I was searching to find a way to create random links to reproduce this affect when I came across a Java tutorial page that is not only quite informative, but its explanation what each line of code means is extremely clear.

The internet/computers are beginning to feel more and more like a marriage between math and art. At the bottom of the Random Links tutorial page is a link to learn about designing arrays for easy information access. This aspect of the code isn’t exactly necessary, but it does make everything more organized. It is also fascinating to see the structure of the systems that computers understand and the ways in which we have programmed them with certain open-ended equations. Incredible. The simplicity of the structure and the complexity of the products of the system is absolutely amazing.

If looking at code is still giving you a headache, read the tutorials on this page even if you aren’t going to use them. The way they’re explained will illuminate code syntax–for me, the biggest hang-up about the way code and words co-exist.

–Josh Barnes


~ by hobodreams on November 23, 2010.

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