Increasing Website Size

Recently, I ran in to a major problem with my website: I ran out of space! I was in the process of transferring new files onto my website when an error kept coming up on FileZilla saying “no space left on device”. I immediately freaked out and had no idea how I was going to upload all my new files to my website. I learned, however, that if you get in contact with your host server that they may be able to help you. So I called ‘Help’ here at Pitt(since I’m using Pitt’s server) and they helped me tremendously. They tripled the space on my website-for free!

So if anyone else runs in to this problem, especially if you are using Pitt’s server, give them a call and ask how you can increase the size of your website. Who knows, maybe it will be for free like mine was!


~ by bighouse113 on November 24, 2010.

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