Flash Notes

Here are a few notes, pointers, and tips for Flash that we learned Tuesday:

Make sure you set your frames-per-second and keep your fps in mind while working on your projects. 20+ frames might not even last a full second.

Every piece of your animation is going to be on a different layer. You can import a Photoshop file and keep everything separated into the layers you had in Photoshop. In order to do things with these layers/objects, you need to convert them to symbols. If you’re going to control this object through Actionscript, you’ll want to create a new instance. Make sure to export the symbol for Actionscript.

You can change your object’s instance name in the Properties tool box (top right tab). You can manipulate the object’s size, color, tint, and opacity (alpha) here also.

The tab next the the Properties tab is your Library tab. Everything that you’ve imported and all of your symbols will be here.

To make something move, you command-click on a keyframe and choose “Motion Tween.” In order to move something, you need to make sure that you choose “Movie Clip” when you convert it to a symbol.  You can control the speed of a moving object by adjusting how many frames it takes to move.
Using Actionscript:
Actionscript3 has a list of code snippets that will allow you choose what you want to do and will write the code for you. All animations will loop forever unless you go into Actionscript and type “STOP;”.
If you want a new animation, you can create a new scene. Flash will automatically play scenes in sequential order unless you tell it to do otherwise through Actionscript.
Other useful info:
-don’t use spaces in instance, symbol, etc. names
-under the “Controls” drop-down you can play your entire project or test an  individual scene.
-you can import movies and sounds as well as images.
**IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO SOMETHING, GOOGLE IT. If you can’t find your answer, there are a ton of nerds on Adobe and Flash forums who would probably love to show off their mad skillz and answer your questions. And come to the tutorial this Sunday.



~ by Sarah on December 2, 2010.

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