Adding a border to a picture in PS

Well, looky here. Another post. There hasn’t been one here in weeks from anybody, so I figured I’d stop this place from getting lonely.

Of course you need your picture first, and if you didn’t know how to load it without a picture then I really don’t even know what to say.

Select the entire picture like so:


I kind of assume you know how to do this, but just humor me will you? From there you can go back to select –> modify –> and there’s a neat little border option. How convenient.


Why don’t we click on it. Here you can tell it how big you want the border to be (in pixels, natch). Let’s try a pixel size of 9 for this demonstration, shall we? Click okay.


Nawt bad. You can see a “preview” of what the pic with the border will look like.


If you’re satisfied with that, then go up to edit –> fill. The default is background, but we don’t want that. Open the drop-down box and click color to open up a color palette. Choose what color you want (in this experiment, black).


Notice that there’s an opacity option. It’s always set to 100% by default like it is in the picture.


Voila. A cute little bordered picture.


~ by myinsects on December 12, 2010.

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