How to Quickly / Easily Sync Your Files Between Dreamweaver and Your Host

Up until Sunday I had been hand selecting every single file I want to upload/update to the web, one by one. Jamie showed me how to do it much more quickly and effortlessly. I’m not sure if I missed this at the beginning of class since I joined late, or anyone other than Dave and I were unaware of this, but just incase I’ll go through it.

First, you must connect your local files to your host. Do this by clicking the “manage sites” dropdown menu in the Files toolbar, and selecting your local folder. A screen will the pop up. Click the “servers” tab and then either press the + button to add a server or double click the one already listed to edit it. Fill in the following information, which should be provided by your webhost, and click save.






Once you’ve set up your connection, in the Files toolbar, select the SYNC button, the two circulating arrows. A menu should pop up. For¬†synchronize, select “Entire Site” and for direction, select “Get and Put Newer Files” as seen in the picture below.









Once you click preview, a progress bar will appear and run through your files. When its done, you will see this –








Now you must go through all of the files found on the local server, selecting which ones are needed for your site and which ones aren’t. Do this carefully, selecting the files and clicking the X button as seen below.








Once you are done with this, click OK and you should be good to go!


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