How To Create a Twitter Account

Log on to and click on the yellow tab labeled “Sign Up”

Fill in the all the required data.

Be sure to have a valid email address and a unique username.

After reading the “Terms and Conditions,” click “Create Account”

To post a tweet, type under the “What’s Happening” box and keep it under 140 characters.

To follow someone’s Twitter, click “Follow” on their page.


-Akia McPhaul


~ by akialorain on January 31, 2011.

One Response to “How To Create a Twitter Account”

  1. This is a good, basic How To that people really need. However, the screen shots could be more useful and remember not to skip steps, even if you think they are obvious!

    Some thoughts/things to fix:

    “Log on to”: This is a real problem. How can a user log on to Twitter if they don’t have an account yet?

    The screen shots are good, but they would be more useful if they were zoomed in on only the area that the user needs to focus on. With all of the extra background in the current images, the screen shots are too small to read without enlarging the images.

    The first screen shot does not link to its full size image. The link is broken.

    “Be sure to have a valid email address and a unique username.”: You may want to add that if something is not valid, a red box will highlight it. Otherwise a green box and check mark will appear.

    Remember to give users the option to un-check the box that says “I want the inside scoop.”

    “keep it under 140 characters.”: You could add that Twitter will count the characters for you.

    “To follow someone’s Twitter [account], click “Follow” on their page.”: This is tricky because your How To user doesn’t know how to get to another person’s Twitter page. Remember to cover every step!

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