How to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop

Are you seeing red eye in your pictures? Don’t know how to get rid of it?

Well I can help you solve this problem in Adobe Photoshop!


-Open your image in Photoshop
a) File, Open, Choose Image

-On the left side toolbar -a long, grey colored, box with various icons on it- find the “Band Aid” icon

-You will notice it has a darker grey triangle on the bottom right corner.
a) Click it with your mouse and hold down until a small box window pops up.
b) There will be 4 different options to choose from now.
c) Choose the 4th option – the Red Eye Tool. (it has a icon image of an eye with a “plus” sign next to it)

-Now you can kill the red eye!
a) Place your cursor over the red eye.
b) Hold it down and drag it over the entire red area.
c) Let go.
d) The red eye should now be normal color.
e) Repeat.

-If you ever made a mistake and need to go back, hit Control + Z  !


~ by lucymatz on January 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “How to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop”

  1. easy to follow

  2. The instructions are well written, but I would try changing the placement of the images and the alignment of the text to make everything more readable.

    Also, I know this post is intended to teach someone a new task, but I would include the technical names for some of the tools/buttons that are being used. That way, if the reader wishes, they can learn about the more technical aspects of Photoshop and then apply that knowledge to future projects.

    Finally, if you wanted, you could go into a little more detail about the red eye tool and describe how to tweak the color of eye that is used for circumstances where finer adjustments may be necessary.

  3. I think that the instructions were easy to follow and that the pictures support what the instructions are saying. One thing that would add to the instructions would to be to use the official name of the function within the program – healing tool instead of band aid.I do feel that it is an easier topic that most are able to figure out just by experimenting with the program.

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