Using CS5

Considering that the recommended software for this class was Adobe CS5, I needed to obtain my copy from the technology department for the University of Pittsburgh.  In all my years at Pitt, I never needed to obtain software.  Below are the directions that I followed to purchase and install the needed software for this class:

1)  Visit the follwoing link to ensure that your computer can suppot the software:

2) Check the following link for office hours and direction to the Pitt technology department:

The product should look like this:

2) Ensuring your computer meets the specific operating requirments, purchase your copy and follow the instructions for install


~ by catherinegazzo on January 31, 2011.

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  1. Good, if a little simplistic. Maybe include the installation instructions in the manual? Also, step 3 was mislabelled step 2 again.

    -Dan P

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