using clone stamp tool

This tool is the the go to tool when you want to “Photoshop it out”. Some tools combine the old clip with the new clip but the Clone Stamp Tool replaces the new area with the area to cloned.

The two pictures I added show my index image with a photo of a sunset with weeds in the foreground. I wanted to remove the weeds for the header I wanted to create for the other pages of my website. To get rid of the weeds:

Select Clone Stamp tool
Press ALT while hovering over the area you want to clone
Release ALT and move to the area who you want to remove and replace with the cloned area
Select this area using the mouse and move around to edit your image.

After this is done, like in my case, I had to use the Smudge Tool to blend the colors around, since you can see that the background color is not uniform across the picture. (it fades from lighter pinks to darker purple across the horizen moving in a left-ward direction)

Here is the finished product (after cropping the overall image of course)


~ by gonetolunch on February 5, 2011.

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  1. This is a very well written explanation, and there are a lot of cases where this technique is still necessary so it behooves folks to learn about it. Just to make sure readers are also aware, however, there is an AMAZING new mode in CS5 called “Content Aware” implemented in the Fill dialog that can execute similar jobs in one click. It’s pretty amazing, check out this example:

    I was actually going to write my post about it, but it would feel snarky to do so now, so I’ll think of something else to do. I wanted to drop a comment though just so folks would hear about it. Personally, out of the hundreds of crazy new things and various improvements in CS5, this one addition to Photoshop is my personal favorite in the whole suite!

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