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The standard fonts that come on most computers are usually pretty boring.  If you want a fancy font to use for photoshop or other projects, it’s very easy to find a plethora online.

(Keep in mind, if you try to use a non-standard font on your website, it will not show up, unless the viewer also has the same font on their computer. There are ways to embed fonts into your website but it seems pretty advanced.)

First, you go to the font site of your choice, you can do a google search, or I like to use

dafont separates theirs by different styles, so you can look at fancy, basic, script, etc. For my site I wanted something simple but distinct, so I chose handwritten.

For handwritten, there are 62 pages of results, so you scroll through until you find something that you like.  For each font you are shown the title, the title written in the font, the author and the price. You can find many that are free for personal use, but some are shareware (free trial – but requires payment to continue) and some require a donation.

An awesome feature of is that you can preview the text you want before you download.

In the “custom preview” box, just type whatever you want, and it will be transformed into all the fonts on the page.

Once you’ve found the font you want, click download.

It will download a .zip file to wherever your downloads are set to go. If you can’t find it, open the download window of your browser and open from there.

This file, once unzipped will contain at least three things. A TrueType font file (sometimes more than one – depending on what you downloaded), a JPG/PNG which displays the font and a READ ME of some sort (text file usually)

The READ ME will always tell you how you are able to use the font, whether privately or commercially or what. READ THIS. Luckily, the font I chose allows for personal website use, so I’m in the clear!

Simply double click the TrueType font file and click Install.

You should get a little progress bar of the installation and once it disappears, you are good to go! Simply open up photoshop or word and find your font! (Note: if you already had photoshop or word open and the font doesn’t appear, you may need to close and reopen.)

The end! (Note: these instructions are for Windows 7. Mac OS may be completely different, I do not know.)

-Katrina Oscarson


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  1. These instructions would work perfectly for a Mac OS X user. During the final step, when a Mac OS X user double-clicks on the font file, the font will open in a font viewer. The viewer will let the user look at all the glyphs in the font and decide if they like it. There is a button on the lower right corner of the font viewer window that says “Install Font” and to install the font all one need do is click on that button.

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