How to Skype

As a lot of us have seen this week, trying to coordinate the schedule of multiple group members can be a difficult task.  One option available (if approved by Prof. Bianco) is to use Skype as a means of real-time communication with your team members.  Below is how to set up a Skype meeting with your group.

1.  Go to the site, and set up an account

2.  Download and install Skype – the instructions provided will walk you through the process.

3.  There are many options to choose from, from free to subscription rates.  For our purposes, the free skype-to-skype option makes the most sense.

4.  Provided that the other members of your group have also created a Skype account, all you need to do is add their contact information.

5.  You have the option of either a voice only call or video call.  Both options are free for Skype members.

6.  Additional support is available on the site through very simple tutorials.

by:  Catherine Gazzo


~ by catherinegazzo on February 6, 2011.

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