How to Raise the Volume in Final Cut Pro

When working with Final Cut Pro, sometimes the recorded audio is too low. With this How-To guide, you can learn how to raise the volume using a specific tool. The pictorial guide is above the written directions. Good luck!

Note: this How-To is for use after the video file has been imported and a sequence has been selected.


1-Look at the Sequence area.

2-On the bottom gray toolbar there is an icon (three from the left). It is called “Toggle Clip Overlays”. Click that icon.

3-A red audio line will now appear in the audio sequence.

4-Hover the mouse over this line, and you can now drag it upwards to increase the decibel level (AKA the sound!).

-For example, this audio has been increased from 4db to 9db

5-Now you’re done. Click the “Toggle Clip Overlays” button when finished, and you’re back to normal Final Cut mode. EASY!

~Lucy Matz


~ by lucymatz on February 7, 2011.

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