Creating a basic external style sheet background

Creating an external style sheet can be a simple process if you want to use the same style throughout your entire web page. The external style sheet eliminates having to use inline or internal stylesheets for your HTML page. This will make for a better looking source code also when creating your HTML pages.

The first step in creating an external style sheet is to decide what you want your background to look like. If you’re using Adobe Dreamweaver, you can find many different colors simply by typing (background {color:) Once you type that into your CSS page a list of colors will appear, and you can choose from the many listed. After you have found your background color, you will need to decide the color of your text. This is quite simple as well, because you are basically following the same procedure as you did with the background color. However, when you change the text color, you’ll want to include this in your “body” section of your CSS page. What you will do is type (body { font-family:) and this will bring up several different font styles that you can choose from. Once you select the font style, you will type (font-size:). You will select the size that you would like, then type (text-color:) and just like the background color, a set of different options will appear. You will want to select a font-color that flows well with your page. For instance, if you have a black background, then you will want to select a lighter color, but nothing too bright that will direct the viewer’s attention elsewhere.

Once you select the background color, you can use background images, different background colors for each line, etc., which I will discuss in a future blog post.


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  1. You may want to check out this page about all the cool stuff you can do with background images in CSS3. I particularly love the sizing and aspect ratio options…if you get creative with different kinds of images you can create some really nifty effects.

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