How to Crop Audio in Audacity

When editing audio clips to use for our podcasts, chances are you will not use the entire clip.

Here is how you can crop your clip to use part of it!

1.) Open Audacity and
File->Import Audio

2.) On the timeline, find the arrow-type figure that is located at the beginning of the clip.

3.) When you hover the mouse over it, it should now look like a 2-ended arrow tool.

4.) Drag this arrow down the timeline to choose the length that you prefer.
->As you do this, you will notice a 2-ended arrow “line” has developed over the timeline. In my example, I have reduced the time to 6 seconds instead of 12

5.) Now hit play to listen to the selected audio framing.

6.) Make sure to save as an MP3 file and that’s it!

-Lucy Matz






~ by lucymatz on February 14, 2011.

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