Moving a Selection in Photoshop

This post is intended to assist people with moving a selection from one photo to another in Adobe Photoshop. There are several tools one can use to select an item, but I prefer to use the Quick Selection tool, which can be found on the left panel of the screen in Photoshop. The tool is in the same selection section as the magic wand tool. Once you have selected the Quick Selection tool, trace around the object that you intend on moving. Be careful when tracing around the object, because there is a strong possibility that you may select objects that you did not intend on. Ensure that you have selected the entire object by zooming in on the dotted lines that surround the object.

After making your first selection, in the same workplace open the second file that you would like to drop your selection into. Then, click on the arrange documents option at the top of the Photoshop screen and select 2 Up. This will give you a double view of both files. Find the exact location on the second photo where you would like to drop the selection at, and click on the move tool, which is located at the top of the Tools panel to the left of the screen. Once you have chosen the Move tool, grasp your original selection and drag it to the 2nd file, where you intend on dropping it off. This will place the original selection in the 2nd photo.

created by Derek Tibbs


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