how to auto-post blog entries to twitter

This is a neat trick that allows you to set up auto-posting to twitter, each time you finish a blog post. is the site I have used in the past, there are probably alternatives, but I like this one.

First you will go to the site and create an account.

Once your account is created, click on Create New Feed.

You will then see this screen.

You can name the feed whatever you want, as the name is just for you to see. Then type in the blog URL and test rss feed.

Then you’re going to click on Advanced Settings, which pulls up this screen:

You can mess around with the settings however you see fit, but the most important part, since this is a shared blog, is the keyword filter.

Since we should be tagging all of our posts, you can just use your name. This tells the feed to ONLY tweet the posts that include your name.

Then continue to Step 2. This will let you configure where you want twitterfeed to push your posts.

I chose twitter. If this were a personal blog, I might choose twitter and facebook.

Once you click on twitter, this screen pops up which asks you to authenticate twitter. Click on that big blue button and it will redirect you to twitter.

If you’re already logged into twitter, this screen pops up. If you use more than one account, make sure the correct account is logged in, then click allow.

It will then direct you back to this page on twitterfeed, where you select your twitter name from the drop down and click Create Service.

You will then see this screen, which shows you everything was created successfully and will show the active services. Scroll to the bottom and click All Done!

You’ll then see this page, which just confirms everything, then click Go to Dashboard.

This is the Dashboard, which is the first thing you’ll see when you log into twitterfeed from now on. A list of your recent posts will also be on there, and if you chose to shorten your links with it will even tell you the number of clicks each link received.

The end!

I hope this works!

-Katrina Oscarson


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  1. This blog post is so awesome, I daresay it is almost more wonderful than a cupcake.



    • thanks! halfway through i panicked because i wasn’t sure it would work on a shared blog, but thankfully they have the keyword feature!

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