How to manipulate volume levels in Audacity

When doing a podcast we can’t let the background noises drown us out. It is helpful to have background music for a podcast to make it more interesting for the listener, but the volume must be adjusted accordingly. With Audacity it is so easy to play with sound levels and figure out what sounds the best.

To start, import your file.

In the toolbar, next to the cursor icon, is the tool called “Envelope Tool”: this is what we’ll use.

Click it and go to your audio track.

You can use the envelope tool to open up (if you will) the track, or compress the track. Simply click and drag either up or down. You will see how the track changes easily – and if you play it back, you will notice how it sounds after you’ve played with it.

Another thing you can do is to place markers along the track – this will automatically follow a “pattern” sort of path that marks how the volume will increase or decrease. To do this, simply tap your mouse once along the track – where you want to manipulate it. You will notice the track’s movement while you do this. Again, you can play it back to hear the difference.

Many different forms can take place and you will be able to decrease volume at the point where you need to talk, and increase it where you take a break from the script.

Here is an example I created 🙂

-Lucy Matz


~ by lucymatz on February 28, 2011.

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