How to Use Transition Effects in Final Cut

(This is to be used when all cuts and clips are on the sequence individually, but need to be formatted together to avoid black space in between)

When making our videos, it’s common to change scenes or cut to a new image. With these ideas, you will have to use transition effects to make it look nice and to do it in a smooth way without awkward starts or quick ends.

With Final Cut Pro, it is easy to enter a video transition.

One example I like to use is the Cross Dissolve. This feature will dissolve a clip, but simultaneously begin the next clip – but in a nice way. The first clip will fade out and the next one will fade in, with a cool dissolve look.

What you do is this:

1. Between your first clip and second, there will be a black line. This will be where you will put an effect. Click on that line, and the section should become highlighted.

2. Next go up to Effects –> Video Transitions –> Dissolve –> Cross Dissolve.
-It will now appear on your sequence, laying over the two different video clips.

3. Play the video to see how it will look.

4. If you think it is too long, or too short, you can alter it!
-Simply hover your mouse on either end, and drag or pull it to compress it or expand it.
-Moreover, if you want to time it exactly, say to specific music duration, simply  right-click and hit duration. Here you can the exact second that you prefer.


*These instructions are similar to other video transition tools as well 🙂 *

-Lucy Matz


~ by lucymatz on March 6, 2011.

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