how to replace an offline video in adobe premiere

Hopefully you never make this mistake, as it’s quite a horrible realization until you fix it.

When importing video in Premiere, I imported directly off of my memory card. I assumed that once the video was imported, it would be saved somewhere. I did some editing and then realized I needed another shot, so I took the memory card out to shoot it.

When I returned to my computer, all of my video files were now “offline.” They were not viewable, though they were still in the sequence and I had a minor heart attack. Once I realized that I had never moved them off of my memory card, I realized I needed to do this.

After saving them to my computer, I knew that I needed to tell Premiere that “heyyy my files are back!”

This was actually pretty simple. One by one, I right clicked the movie file in the project box. That brought up a large menu, with one of the options being “Replace Footage.”

Ignore the fact that I can’t even spell “Cupcakes” and notice the terrifying lack of video. Once you click replace video it brings up a browser in which you go and find your video.

From here you select the video you want, make sure it’s the same one!

Click select and back in the Project window, that scary lack-of-video icon will be replaced with your video!

It kept all of the cuts I had made to the videos even though they went offline, so this method is probably better to use if you had done any editing, rather than just importing them again.

-Katrina Oscarson


~ by cupcakesupremacy on March 13, 2011.

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