DIY – Hosting Files in Amazon SSS

This week’s blog post will be on hosting files in Amazon Simple Storage Service. This is a file hosting service that allows you to upload files to the internet for easy retrieval. One of the advantages of using Amazon S3 is not only that it’s cheap, but you don’t have to buy benchmark quantities – that is to say, if you have 30 megabytes of files to host, you only have to pay for 30 megabytes of space, and not some arbitrary amount that 30 megabytes fit within.

Step 1 – Create an account at

Step 2 – Once you complete this process, it will take you to the AWS Management Console, which will allow you to host your files for your web site. In order to do this will will need to first create a bucket for storing your data. It should be named something unique – I used my student ID and the type of content I planned on hosting, i.e., “dap98audio”

Step 3 – Once you’ve created your bucket, if you plan on hosting your content to your web site, you need to set the permissions to do this. Follow the steps on the AS3 FAQ:

Step 4 – Upload your content.

Step 5 – You should be able to access your content by using a url created by following the Website Endpoints FAQ –

If you’re hosting audio content, your url should end in a .mp3 or whatever format your audio file is in. For example, my podcast exists at this url –

This process will also work for video content.

– Dan Pinsky


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