Final Cut Pro Tips!

Final Cut Pro can be tricky if you don’t know many shortcuts or ways to get around hurdles.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way when working with video…

1. Sometimes the videos will not play (audio as well) until you have RENDERED the sequence. In order to do that, simply click and hold your mouse to drag over all your content on the sequence. Then go up to SEQUENCE –>  RENDER ALL –> BOTH. This can take a minute or two, depending on how much footage you have.

2. If you ever film sideways, but need to rotate the video for your final project, you must do this. Click on the clip, and in the VIDEO VIEWER – hit the MOTION tab. There you will see the ROTATION clock-dial sort of image. You can either rotate it manually (to 90 degrees or desired length) or type in 90 degrees. Ta-da!

3. When you need to shorten the clip, use these keyboard shortcuts: I for Marking In, and O for Marking Out. Similarly, you can hit L to fast forward, J to rewind, and K to stop.

4. If you ever need to split your sequence to get rid of either audio or video, just go to the sequence tool bar to the left bottom screen, and hit the TOGGLE TRACK LOCK “lock” looking key on the audio or video level to LOCK it.

-Lucy Matz


~ by lucymatz on March 14, 2011.

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  1. These are great tips for beginners. One of my favorites to teach is control+v to make a cut.

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