step by step

I present this information to you today in the hopes of saving you the time I wasted on trying to figure out how to post video to your site, provided you are using CS5. 

  •  Start by uploading you videos to your computer. 
  • You will next need to convert those files into MP4 files.  There are some free programs that will do this, but I could not find one that I liked so I purchased Movavi to convert the necessary files ($30).
  • Open Premier and import the MP4 files.  Design as you wish.  Save, save, save
  • Next, open the project in Adobe Media Encoder and format the project to a .flv file
  • Next, open dreamweaver.  On the correct page:  Insert – Media – FLV.  Add the correct file, insert the necessary additional info, save and put to your site. 
  • Your site now contains the video with control bar.

This only took me about 11 hours to figure this out.  This posting should save you at least 10 of those hours.

Good luck : )


~ by catherinegazzo on March 14, 2011.

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