a possible solution to timecode errors in adobe premiere

While trying to begin my DIY video in Adobe Premiere, I was able to import the files, but once I tried to double-click on them, I was getting a “timecode error.” When searching around for help, I came across a few forum posts that indicated it was an issue with how the video was captured.

Since I could play the videos just fine in VLC, I knew the files couldn’t be entirely corrupt.

I attempted to convert the files in HandBrake, but it did not fix my errors. When I asked the TA for help, she indicated that it could be a problem with Quicktime and suggested I convert the files to .avi.

Since HandBrake doesn’t offer that conversion, I downloaded Pazera, which is a free MP4 to AVI converter.

Once in the program, add your files, make sure the output is selected as AVI and click convert!

Then just import your AVI files and get to work!

-Katrina Oscarson


~ by cupcakesupremacy on March 20, 2011.

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