How To Brighten and Darken images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

There are several ways to correct an entire image’s lighting, but Adobe Photoshop has created tools to correct certain areas of an image. To correct the lighting of an entire image, the Levels adjustment tool is a great object to use, but this post is to explain how to correct just a certain area of an image. If you’re looking to improve the tone of a person’s face or change the background light of an image, you’re able to do so with the Burn and Dodge tools. The Burn tool is used primarily to darken an area and the Dodge tool can be used to brighten an area.

Both the Burn and Dodge tools can be found on the Tools Panel, which is often located on the left side of the Workspace screen. The tool looks much like a lollipop stick (stick with a circle at the end), and both tools can be found on this object. First, the Dodge tool is great for use on a dark  area of a person’s features. This may include a shaded area of one’s face or a body part that may be dark due to something blocking the light from the camera. The Dodge tool, just like a brush can be increased or decreased in size, so it is important to know how much of an area needs to be adjusted, so the correct amount will be changed. Once you have the correct size for the Dodge tool, brush across the area that needs more light, and do just enough to fix that selected area. If you want to get a closer view of your work, zoom in on the area that was adjusted and you can once again use the Dodge tool to correct anything that you may have missed.

The Burn tool will follow the same instructions but to rather darken an area, and if you need to darken an area that you adjusted with the Dodge tool, you can do that as well. However, you must be careful when adjusting an image with either tool, because you may make the image look worse if you do too much.

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