How to Manipulate Exposure in FinalCut

When I had to revise my rough draft of the video, I desperately needed color correction. I learned how to easily do this in Adobe Premiere (from the tutorial), but had no clue how to do it in Final Cut Pro.

Here is what you need to know:

When you are editing in the Viewer Window – I advise you to mark IN and OUT the exact clip you need to manipulate.

Go up to Effects –> Video Filters –> Color Correction –> Color Corrector 3-Way

Once you click that, a new tab will open up in the Viewer. In this workspace, there are three multi-colored circles: Blacks, Mids, Whites. These are the tools you will play around with to see the effects of the exposure.

I recommend using the Mids (it is the least dramatic change, and won’t be too much or too little. The blacks I barely used, as my video was already too dark).

You can view the changes in the Video tab and hit play to see it run through.

When you are satisfied, pull down marked clip into the Sequence.

-Lucy Matz


~ by lucymatz on March 21, 2011.

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