How to place anchors to direct user to a different location on the same page.

This is very helpful if you have a lot of information on one page and want that information to be easily accessible from a location on the same webpage.  For example if you were to place all of your work on one page, rather that separate pages you could have a table of contents at the top to navigate to each specific assignment on the page.

Here is the syntax for the anchor link:

<a name=”anchor”>Text</a>

You would place this at the top of the section you want at the top of the browser window when the link is clicked.  And whatever is within the >________</a> will be at the top of the browser window.

Where name=”anchor” is whatever you’d like to label that section of the page and Local Link is whatever you’d like the text to show up as.

Here is the syntax for the link itself:

<a href=”#anchor”>Click Me!</a>

This would be placed in the hypothetical table of contents or wherever you would anticipate the user to navigate from.

“#anchor” is the name of the section that we wrote before and Click Me! is the text that will show up as the link.


~ by tolandennis on March 21, 2011.

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