adding title to premiere pro

Adding titles are useful in introducing or showing a change in direction during your videos.

To add a title you go to the toolbar at the top and select Title > New Title and choose from Default Still…, Default Roll…, and Default Crawl… A Default Still Title will have the original settings of a Title with no motion. So it will exist in the video as a title if you don’t change the motion properties (called the Roll/Crawl Options). Once you select this, you will be given the option to choose Still, Roll, Crawl Left, and Crawl Right. The difference between roll and crawl is that Roll is like the credits in a movie, moving from the top of the screen down. Crawl goes from left-right or right-left. I always choose to select the two options “Start Off Screen” and “End Off Screen” rather than working with the exact settings. From these settings you can also edit the opacity, font size and color, shadow, etc.


~ by gonetolunch on March 28, 2011.

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