Using Motion Tweens

  • Start by creating a shape or importing an external object to the stage
  • control+click on the object, and choose “convert to symbol”
  1. tweens only work with symbols
  2. in the example I named my object “baseball”

  • Next you want to insert a frame later in the timeline, depending on how long you want to motion to last (generally 24 frames = 1 second)
  • double click the time line between the frames to highlight it, then control+click within the region and choose “insert motion tween”
  • drag the symbol to where you want it to end up

  • the tween does the motion for you, and it shows it through a dotted green line
  • by dragging this line around you can change or curve the path your symbol takes
  • To watch your tween in action, go to control-test movie-test, or hit command+return



~ by johnmcala on April 3, 2011.

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