Shortcuts in Flash

(note: these shortcuts are all for use with MACs)

In flash there is typically a big difference between what you are seeing and what will actually appear in the finalized project. These viewing shortcuts help the user quickly and easily adjust what they are able to see.

Command/Control 1 – View movie at 100% size
Command/Control 2 – Show Frame
Command/Control 3 – Show All

Editing in Adobe Flash is a tedious and lengthy process. The below shortcuts allow for quick modification without having to use the scroll down menu options.

Command/Control G – Group
Command/Control U – Ungroup
Command/Control B – Break Apart
Command/Control Shift V – Paste in Place
Command/Control D – Duplicate
Command/Control A – Select All
Command/Control Shift A – Deselect All
Command/Control Shift O – Optimize Curves
Command/Control K – Align Window
Command/Control Shift S – Scale and Rotate
Command/Control Shift Z – Remove Transform
Command/Control Up Arrow – Move Ahead
Command/Control Down Arrow – Move Behind
Command/Control Shift Up Arrow – Bring to Front
Command/Control Shift Down Arrow – Send to Back
Command/Control T – Modify Font
Command/Control Shift T – Modify Paragraph

-John Cala



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