How To Request and use a Scanner in UPitt Computer Labs

1. You must have a vaild Pitt ID

2. Approach the computer lab’s main desk and ask if you can check out a scanner.

3. They will pull out a binder and ask you to fill in the “date,” “your name,” “time” and asked to hand over your ID to confirm who you are.

4. You will be handed the scanner and a USB cord.

5. Plug in the USB cord into the computer and scanner’s USB port .

6. Turn on the scanner.

7. Wait a few seconds for the computer to recognize the scanner device and for it to open up the program your image will be scanned into.

8. Open the scanner and place what you want scanned starting in the corner indicating the top on the scanner.

9. Place the scanner top down and press “Scan” on the scanner.

10. You should hear noise and the process is over once you see  your image on the computer screen.

11. Save it to your flash drive, then return the USB cord and scanner to the computer lab technician.



~ by akialorain on April 17, 2011.

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