How to create the title of a webpage shown in the browser (using previous HTML code)..

As a student with little HTML experience, I was a bit overwhelmed with creating my own HTML codes. Terrified of making a typo and blowing up my entire site, I soon discovered the beauty of copy and pasting from existing HTML code. In this blog post, I will discuss how to view a site’s HTML source code and more specifically, how to create the title seen in the top of a browser of a webpage.

Title of Browser Ex

The first step is to find an existing website (this one will even do) and view the source.View source


Once I viewed the source, I realized that creating a title wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be. After I created the <head> tag, I just needed to create a title, name my website and close the title. source


After I saved and uploaded my website, I was able to view my website with a title in the browser!


Mairead Lynn



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  1. Good idea to connect with the audience before actually delving deep into the issue. May make the person feel more confident in your abilities or come back to your specific posts again. Will you use numbers? Letters? How exactly will you order it?

  2. I really like your style of writing. Your words are inviting and you immediately establish that, if you can do it, so can everyone else. You don’t really have steps yet, but I’m assuming that was because of the time constraint and that directions would follow.

    I think since your blog is about using existing code, you might want to mention that in the title.

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