How to define a quotation in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Once you have decided upon a quote for your page, you must find out what the citation script code is. I went to Jamie’s student course schedule and clicked on the w3schools link.

Next, I simply explored all of the tutorials until I had found the cite script which is <cite> and</cite>

Once I had found the html script, you must decide where to put the quote.

When I first tried to insert a quote, I made the mistake of not defining this quote as a new paragraph.  This made the quote follow directly behind my picture or previous paragraph. This did not look appealing.

Thus, the next step I had to take was to define the quotation as a separate entity or “paragraph” in the webpage.

This addition of <p> added just the definition I was looking for. 

Good Luck!

Shannon Wilcox


~ by scw32 on September 6, 2011.

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  1. It seems to be a good start, in my opinion. However, I don’ think you need the lettering/numbering quite yet as you haven’t started explaining the actual process of “defining a quotation.”

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