How to preview your website in Adobe Dreamweaver

I began to create my website using the Adobe Dreamweaver software.

I like to check the progress of my work and found myself re-opening Prof. Bianco’s email that contained my specific url.

In order to see if my website was “live” or not, I had to continually click on the url that was open in my email.  The redundancy of constantly opening different windows and the fact that my screen was cluttered with these open windows allowed me to discover a helpful button–that saved me time and energy.

The preview/debug browser button allows you to “preview” your website as it would look on the web if the website were live.

To find the preview/debug browser button go to the toolbar.  Click on the symbol that resembles a globe.

A drop down menu will appear and now choose your preferred web browser to view your website.



Your website will open in the specified web browser.  Now you are able to view your site before it is put on the web.



~ by unemployedhobbyist on September 6, 2011.

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