How to Put Images in Your Website Using Outside Sources (and Adobe Dreamweaver)

An often easier way to put images on your website via html code is to link the image via a different website, i.e. Photobucket, Google Images, etc. A great plus about some image-based websites is that they already provide a code that you can copy and paste straight into your website.

1) You can upload the photo onto Photobucket or take an image that you’ve already posted.

2) On the right side of the screen, you’ll see  a box that says “Share this photo”. YouTube and other image/video-based websites have a similar feature.

If the website doesn’t have this sort of feature, such as Google Images, you’ll have to copy the .JPG address right from the address bar. This is the address that shows once you have clicked Full-Size Image link on the right side of the initial picture.

3) Now you can go into Adobe Dreamweaver. What’s nice about Photobucket and other image-based websites is that the coding is already done for you. It’s a matter of copy/pasting the code right into the html of your website. If you don’t have the luxury of finding an image on Photobucket and have to do it from Google Images, copy/paste the .jpg address and then proceed with the proper html code. This would either be the <a href= code OR the <img src= code. Either one will take the website image link.

With this, you can either upload your own pictures to put onto your website or find any image you like. Be careful, however, that you aren’t unintentionally (or intentionally) violating a copyright, as many photographs and artwork aren’t allowed to be used without the artist’s/owner’s permission.

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  1. Wanda, you should probably put tags on your posts. Just sayin’.

    Also, mention why one might want to use this method instead of simply putting the jpegs directly into their Dreamweaver website folder.

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