Class Notes – 9/6/2011

Here are some of the things that we covered in class:

Blog posts!

  • Use helpful, relevant images along with your text.
  • Use style (not just numbered/bullet points like I’m using here) in your writing
  • Be sure to give your readers a step-by-step, easy-to-follow procedure for what you’re teaching them
  • Use a clear, specific title (e.g., “How to replace an offline video in Adobe Premiere” instead of “Replacing video”)
  • Use subject tags (software used, subject, etc)

Comments and Critiques!

  • #1 Rule: Be specific! Be particular! Be very clear about what you’re responding to
  • Also, you should read this

About those assignments…

Twitter Narrative:

  • Write one per day for the whole week
  • You must compose a coherent story through these seven tweets that makes sense as a whole
  • This assignment asks you to use ALL found text to make up the sentences of your words
  • Find this text according to three rules that you make up and stick by throughout the week (an example rule might be “It’s day three, so I’ll pull from the third sentence of the 30th page of my favorite book”)
  • Use the hash tag #t in your tweets
  • You must do one of these EVERY DAY, and if you miss a day, you have to start all over

Your website:

  • You may not use any template whatsoever! (but code snippets are okay)
  • Float something (and have it do what you want it to)
  • Have full navigation up and running

You don’t have to visit one of the museums for this week, but you will within the next three weeks.

Research three websites with some cool design feature. Write a paragraph detailing the ideal website design you’re trying to capture.

(And, of course, you’re responsible for everything detailed in the “Homework Due Today” area of the schedule)



Your Friendly Neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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