Class Notes – 9/13/2011

Okie dokie, here’s the deal:

Two quick things:

  1. When you find cool, useful stuff, tweet it for the class!
  2. Don’t use templates for your websites, but copying and pasting snippets of code and the like is okay (and you’re a better person if you use a comment in your source code to give credit to where you found it).


  • Always remember that everything you do except for your blog posts gets uploaded to your website.
  • Speaking of blog posts, you should make one! Every week! You’ll be figuring out all kinds of swell stuff on your own this semester, so every week, you should make a post on the DIY blog teaching your classmates how they can Do It Themselves (DIT?).  Make sure to post it at least 24 hours before class so Jamie has a chance to read it, and make it on one specific thing that you figure out on your own that week.
  • Draft a proposal for a final project. Don’t limit yourself – go crazy! Dream of doing something super-cool – whatever you’re interested in! Imagine how you’d want it look and be. Your proposal should be about one or two pages in Notepad (or whatever plain-text editor you’re using).  Dream awesome, and then script out what it’s like. And then, of course, post it to your website.
  • Go to the Carnegie Museum, Warhol, or Mattress Factory and select three interesting pieces that genuinely provoke you (and figure out the reason that they do) that you can be inspired by (i.e., “steal ideas and concepts from”). Think about their use of color, shape, use of space, etc. There will be an in-class writing assignment based on what you found.
  • Things you should have on your website:
  • Your Creative Commons license
  • Your pictures, both original and transmogrified
  • Navigation on every page to get to every page, along with navigation to the Student Websites page
  • Your full Twitter narrative, as well as the rules that you used
  • List your design inspiration websites and post your write-up about them

Also, you should be putting thought into how your websites look. Don’t just plunk stuff down – give them a proper presentation and space of their own. The different pages should have a consistent look. Take a look at different fonts, colors (try looking around the Internet for “color matching”), layouts, etc.

And remember – have fun!

Your Friendly Neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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  1. I really like this blogpost because she is extremely specific in each step. She tells you exactly what she is doing, and even tells you where the buttons you need are located. She also anticipates mistakes readers might make, and addresses them before hand. Her extensive use of pictures also helps newbies to follow along with what she is saying. Basically, if your page doesn’t match the images on her page, you’re doing it wrong. Very easy to understand. I also like the bits of personality she added to her post. She makes readers feel comfortable and trust her through the little bits of information she reveals about herself.


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